Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tech Troubles

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tech Troubles
I started this blog as a sort of accountability tool to make sure I am writing on a regular basis. Thank you, JULIE, for doing your best to keep me on task, even if I have considered getting a TRO against you from time to time : ) Your encouragement is appreciated, even if I retaliate with sarcasm and "unfair tactics", I think you put it. If not for your playful badgering I would not have the discipline to keep this up.

The obstacles I face in being faithful to posting daily are normal, but not unreasonable. Yes, I have the kids, husband, house, laundry, schedules, social commitments (mine and theirs), carpools, running (when I can), and so on. Oh, yes. There's also the wonderful, but sometimes pesky, little three year old who won't let me out of her sight from 8am until 3pm. These things I can deal with because everybody has to go to sleep sometime, right?

In fact, I have have done some of my best musing after bedtime, curled up in bed with my laptop and a glass or, on occasion, a bottle of wine. The house is quiet, the husband is usually doing some post-production work on his photos, and all is right with the world.

This ritual works even if one or two of the elements are out of sync. I am still productive and happy if KJ is there with me, or if I have to substitute my wine with a Jack and Diet. I'm flexible, and incited enough to get something out of me and on to my laptop that I will not be discouraged by any minor misfire in my game plan. The one thing I cannot overcome, however, is a possessed laptop.

One person has diagnosed the problem as electrical. Another says it's the battery. Everyone who has looked at it knows that I simply need a new laptop! As for me, I think that my fear of failure and my doubts about my gift have partnered up and have recruited my laptop to join them. If they can just take away my enchanted abode where it all comes together, I won't be able to write and therefore, I won't be able to fail.

Well guess what, you antagonistic feelings? I will write, no matter what. Until my laptop friend is cured I will make it work, just like I did today. Yes, the kids are going to be late for PRE because of it, and yes, they have been running around outside unsupervised for the past hour while I was in the basement on the computer, and yes, I will now be scrambling to figure out what to do for dinner. But those are the reasonable challenges. And like always, we'll figure it out.

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