Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Counting Points

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Counting Points
Last Thursday evening I grabbed my purse and van keys and headed towards the door to drive to my first Weight Watchers meeting, (of this round, anyway). Have you seen the commercial for attending WW meetings? They show this totally blissful family, Dad laying on the couch reading the paper, kids sitting quietly at the coffee table playing with blocks or a board game or something, neighbors out cutting grass, washing the car, etc. They tout that "45 minutes spent attending a Weight Watchers meeting could change your life". Well, I was finally ready for my 45 minute life change. Or at least the start of it. But the peaceful homestead shown on TV was missing from my exit. KJ was looking at me, somewhat confused, asking, "What am I supposed to feed them for dinner?" as the older kids confessed that they had not started their homework and the little ones began yet another of their "disagreements". Just then the doorbell rang. Someone was collecting for something. Yikes! This isn't what they showed on TV. I had to get out of there fast!

I'm not new to the program so my mission at the meeting was to gather the new materials, find out what I had missed over the past six years, weigh in (ugh!) and get out of there. I was counting on KJ ordering Papa Johns with breadsticks (not to be disappointed, by the way) and had firm intentions to enjoy my last night of freedom as soon as I could bow out gracefully. I strategically scoped out the best spot to sit, at a table in the middle of the room so as not to appear too anxious (which I was not) and not too hostile. My little plan backfired, however, when I realized everyone was looking in my direction because the flip chart the speaker used to do his little talks was directly behind me. So much for deliberate planning and an early exit!

I'm actually feeling healthier and more energetic already. I am trying to get my neighbor on board because her husband is already doing it and it would be nice to have her along for the ride. I was working all the angles on why WW is so great so I decided to read her my food diary so that she could see that I am still able to enjoy what I like. I read, "Sunday I started with 26 points and then ran for 30 minutes so I earned 4 more! Breakfast quesadilla minus 4. Lunch was baby carrots zero points. Light beer minus 2. Wheat crackers for a snack minus 3. Glass of wine minus 2. Another glass of wine minus 2. Now this is when we are at our formal dinner for KJ's work. Let's see.... wine minus 2, gin & tonic minus 2, wine, wine minus 4, dinner of relatively healthy food....minus 9. Out of points so no dessert". How about that, I made it to zero. Convenient, eh.

My neighbor was of the opinion that it was true that I should be attending a meeting, but she thought maybe there was one better suited for my specific needs!
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