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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mental Clarity on Monday??
Lately, I've been struggling with a writing assignment that is coming due in the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, it is a self imposed assignment and deadline, so I'm not in danger of losing any work over it. But it is important to me, and I am also aware that there are a lot of other people looking forward to me coming through on this. Again.

At mass yesterday I spent some extra time in prayer asking that God would tell me what He wants me to write about, because I had nothing. I felt broken inside because I kept coming up empty. Then I realized that maybe I hadn't come up with a theme yet because there was something He wanted me to write about. I just hadn't bothered to ask.

So today, bright and early, I put the kids on the bus and, finally intimidated by the cold weather, headed to the gym for my run. I purposely left my book and iPod at home. No running partner, no scenery to look at, no stroller to push, no music. I'm always talking about how being mentally tough makes you physically stronger. Maybe the reverse would work?? It was time to see if being physically tough could actually make me mentally clearer.

I ran with determination and shut everything out. Somehow, in the midst of the noisy gym I was able to find the quiet inside of me. And in that quiet I actually found what I was looking for. The miles passed quickly as my mind processed the ideas that were coming to me. A few times I found my chest getting tighter because of the intense emotion I was feeling. God had just been waiting on me to ask for His help and then to be open to His words. And he used my love of running to catch me when I would be most receptive.

And so for me, on this Monday morning, I am reminded of how connected the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives can be. I am also full of joy, of course, because the idea for my assignment is born ...and I know the words will follow.

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